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Willow Tree Courageous Joy Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 81924


Celebrate joy with this Willow Tree Courageous Joy Figurine by Susan Lordi! It's so important to surround yourself in your home with things that bring you joy. Pictures of your family, tokens from your travels, and beautiful keepsakes will give your home a personality that makes you feel safe and happy every time you walk in your front door! This Willow Tree figurine exudes happiness. With her arms raised in triumph and draped in a beautiful dress, you can just imagine the expression on her face. It's pure elation, which hopefully you'll be able to feel each time you look at this piece! 

Susan Lordi describes herself as a maker. Not limiting herself to a single medium, she has experience with fiber work, clay, writing, and even teaching. Holding an MFA from the University of Kansas-Lawrence, she continues to work out of her studio in Kansas City where she is surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the tall grasses and wildflowers. For her pieces made in connection with Demdaco, she begins with a lump of clay and lets the experience of sculpting take her where it may. Once complete and happy with her design, Demdaco takes her pieces and casts them in resin so they can be available to more people all over the world. She wants to spread joy and that's exactly what you'll get with this Willow Tree Courageous Joy Figurine by Susan Lordi.