Joyful Child Willow Tree Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 47593

Willow Tree "Joyful Child" Figurine by Demdaco freezes in time those moments that take our breath away but disappear far too quickly. The Joyful Child figure is one of the newest figurines to be added to the collection this year. These precious figures are the creation of Susan Lordi. Hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, Susan hand carves each sculpture from clay which is then cast of resin and painted by hand. Her goal is to represent qualities and sentiments that help us feel close to each other, heal wounds, or treasure relationships within intimate figurines.

Here, a young child is poised with her hands on her knees, ready to burst into a joyful dance a moment's notice. This simple piece measures 3” tall. Willow Tree Figurines are sure to become a treasured and prominently displayed collection which accents your home with love and serenity.