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Willow Tree Our Gift Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 45959


  • Measures 8.5 inches tall
  • Hand-Painted Resin Figurine
  • Clean with soft cloth or brush

The birth of a new baby is such a celebration! Commemorate that sentiment with this Willow Tree Our Gift Figurine by Susan Lordi. As part of the time-honored Willow Tree figurines collection, this proud mother and father would be a beautiful gift to a new family welcoming a new life or as a stand-alone piece in remembrance of birth. Susan Lordi has been making Willow Tree pieces for decades and refers to herself as maker who is constantly envisioning and imagining her next creation. When it comes to the Willow Tree collection, she begins by "sketching" in clay, sort of letting the natural process of making take her on its own journey. As the piece and the vision form, we get those beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces only Susan Lordi can create! 

Though faceless, you can feel the pride and beaming joy exuding from this couple. As they hold their new baby between them, nestled safe and secure, mother snuggles her cheek against them, letting this child know that they will be loved and nurtured through their entire life. Father wraps mother in a comforting half-embrace while resting his head on hers, as if to signal that his responsibility to take care of both mother and baby is taken up with seriousness and dedication. It's such a wonderful way to welcome a new baby into the world! We hope that each time you look at this figurine, you'll remember to love and be loved. Celebrate new life with this Willow Tree Our Gift Figurine by Susan Lordi!