Willow Tree Sweetheart Angel Figurine by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 62504


  • Size - 5.5" inches tall
  • Hand-painted Resin Figurine with Wire Wings
  • Pierced Metal Gold Leaf Wreath

The Willow Tree Sweetheart Angel Figurine by Susan Lordi is here to express love and care to all willing to receive it. Standing tall, this Willow Tree Figurine holds close a wheel of golden hearts. Give this willow tree figurine to a sweet friendship or to someone who is a sweetheart. This Susan Lordi figurine will reflect back to the receiver  an abundance of love and care and remind them of their own impact on the world around them. 

Susan Lordi is known for her beautiful line of Willow Tree Figurines. Now carried by Demdaco, Susan Lordi's collection is more available for anyone to behold and enjoy. From her studio in Kansas City, Susan practices her carving and sculpting by sketching in clay. Susan wants each piece to be a beautiful simplification of emotion so that each figure is open to the interpretation of the giver and the receiver!