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Willow Tree Warm Embrace Ornament by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 77105

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  • Brown elastic cord for hanging
  • Materials: resin
  • Measures 4" tall

On a warm spring day, there's nothing quite like the smell of wildflowers. Embody that free-spirited sense with the Willow Tree Warm Embrace Ornament by Susan Lordi. Based out of Kansas City, Missouri, she has been the artist and designer behind the Willow Tree collection since 1999. Each figurine and ornament begins as a clay "sketch." From there, she lets her art take her wherever it may until an emotional piece develops. Inspired by the calming prairies near her home, her work seems to capture that calm sense.

This Willow Tree ornament is all about quiet jubilation. The beautiful sunflowers are meant to represent friends and family. When you breath deep and immerse yourself in the people you love, you can feel their warm embrace. It re-energizes you and prepares you for the day or week ahead. You can see this figure in quiet reflection as they take in the energy of those they love. What a wonderful way to think about your support circle, which you can be reminded of each time you gaze upon your Willow Tree Warm Embrace Ornament by Susan Lordi.