With Affection Angel Willow Tree Ornament by Susan Lordi


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 37930


  • Size - 5" inches tall
  • Resin figurine with wire wings
  • Dust with soft cloth or soft brush

With Affection Angel Will Tree Ornament by Susan Lordi is a beautifully crafted figurine that is part of the Willow Tree collection. The angel is holding and cherishing a cat while she shows of her wire-made wings. Being a cat owner is a joyous thing. Cats are known for being low maintenance because they are so independent. To have a cat as your best friend means someone who just gets you. However, losing your feline best friend can be devastating. Let this Willow Tree Ornament remind you of the blessing your cat was in your life. This also makes a wonderful condolences ornament for anyone you know who lost their furry friend. 

Susan Lordi is an intuitive artist who starts with a sketch and then as she forms the sculpture, she focuses on the most common shared gestures that represent the emotions she is trying to portray. The faceless presentation allows for a wide range of interpretations for each of her figurines. That way, whoever is drawn to her finished figure, they can apply their own meaning to it. By starting with the essence of emotion, her art allows for interpretation of each piece to the giver and the receiver, which you see in her beautiful collection of Willow Tree figurines