Winesulator Insulated Wine Canteen by BruMate (9 styles)


Brand: BruMate
SKU: 79749


  • Holds 25 oz
  • Maintains temperature for 24 hours
  • Glass-free

Meet your new favorite drinking buddy! The Winesulator Insulated Wine Canteen by BruMate is just what you need for your next wine night with the girls or if you prefer a little vino around the campfire instead of beer. This insulated canteen can hold an entire bottle of wine and keep it cold for up to 24 hours. If you happen to be going somewhere that doesn't allow glass like a pool or a beach, just pop this baby in your bag and you'll have wine at the ready for the whole trip. The insulation is a pattened design from BruMate called BevGuard. You don't have to worry about i affected the taste of your wine though, as it will never develop a metallic taste inside the Winesulator. As part of the BruMate line of drinkware, you know you're getting something of quality that will only enhance your drinking experience. Sip on, friend! Just make sure you do it out of the Winesulator Insulated Wine Canteen by BruMate!