Winter Buffalo Napkin by Paperproducts Design


SKU: 80031


  • Gathering ready
  • Artistic
  • Montana inspired

The buffalo is a resilient animal. They live through some of the harshest weather in the valleys of Yellowstone and act as roadblocks in the summertime to visiting travelers into the park. They are also some of the best subjects for any artist. This napkin set by Paperproducts Design is proof of that. Place this napkin down as a coaster or use it for a home gathering to show class and your love for the buffalo. 

Paperproducts Design is artist-driven, they started out by just featuring napkins and expanding into more kitchen products with different artists work on different pieces of kitchen products. They also donate a portion of their sales to charity with every product they sell. We at the Montana Gift Corral love Paperproducts Design's drive to support artists and charity and we love to work with people who are supportive of a good cause.