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Wood Dice and Card Executive Set by Big Sky Carvers


SKU: 69485

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  • Box measures Approx. 7"W X 1.5"H
  • Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Dust with a soft cloth

    This beautiful wood box set from Big Sky Carvers is the perfect addition to game night! The Wood Dice and Card Executive Set comes in an elegant wooden box that features a simple hinge opening and a latch. Inside there are three compartments and the lid has a clear glass panel allowing you to look inside. The Wood Executive Set comes with two complete sets of playing cards, each containing the usual fifty-two cards as well as jokers. Each deck of cards has its own compartment inside the wood set. The Wood Dice and Card Executive Set also comes with five beautiful six-sided wooden dice.

      The Wood Dice and Card Set is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a good game of cards. And with the beautiful woodwork, it has the perfect Montana and Western feel for any outdoorsy home.  From the kiddos playing Go Fish and Old Maid to getting some friends together for beer and a poker night, The Wood Dice and Card Executive Set has what you need!