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WoodWick® 10oz. Candle by Virginia Candle Company (7 scents)


SKU: 45618

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  • Burns for approximately 100 hours
  • 10 oz. candle measures 4 3/4" tall 

Featuring a real wood wick for the soothing sounds of crackling fire, WoodWick® candles are a great way to enjoy the scents of the ultimate candle burning experience. From flavorful currant to sweet pea and rustic redwood, this candle comes in a variety of flavors perfect or the western home! Each candle also comes with a finely crafted wood lid.

Virginia Candle Company offers several unique candles made so innovative by their scent and wicks. From the crackling and cozy WoodWick® design to the room-brightening RibbonWick® and everything in between, Virginia Candle company’s products are as much an auditory and visual experience as they are a fragrant one. A quickly growing company, Virginia Candle Company’s high quality and heart-warming candles are sure to stay in the market for years to come.

WoodWick® is a registered trademark of Virginia Candle Company.