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Yellowstone Bears in the Wild by James C. Halfpenny


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Western Book Category: This Western Book from our selection of Wildlife Books is an eye-opening and engaging read. Yellowstone Bears in the Wild comes from Riverbend Publishing located in Helena, Montana. They publish books ranging in topics from natural history to wildflower guides. Written by Dr. James Halfpenny who lives in Gardiner, Montana near Yellowstone's northern entrance, this 128-page piece describes the lives of grizzly and black bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. This book includes cutting-edge discoveries about bear biology and ecology skillfully enhanced with personal stories and illustrated with the unforgettable photography of Michael Francis. This book describes how bears eat and think, where they go, what they do, how they raise their cubs and how they interact with other animals. Much of what is written here has never been seen in other books on bears. This Western Book is truly an experience to read when it comes to Wildlife Books. ISBN: 1-931832-79-X