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Yellowstone: A Photographic Journey by Stephen C. Hinch


SKU: 67831
  • 80  pages
  • 112 original full-color photographs
  • Published in Montana

For those who can’t get enough of the flora and fauna of this wild, wild state, this is the book for you! Featuring 112 stunning and intimate images of the mighty and elusive beasts of Yellowstone park, resident photographer Stephen C. Hinch’s book takes you on a tour from an insider’s perspective. Also included are awe-inspiring photos of the park’s most spectacular geographic features and historic landmarks. This photographic journey truly captures the magical quality that makes the world’s first national park such a renowned destination.

Based in beautiful Helena, Montana, Farcountry Press has been an award-winning local publisher since 1980. Specializing in full-color photography books, locally written children’s stories, guidebooks, cookbooks, and regional history stories, Farcountry Press’ staff produces about 25 new books annually. This wonderful company also serves as a distributor for several other smaller book publishers, including The University of Montana Press.