Antler Ice Cream Paddle by K.S. Antler


SKU: 79597
  • Made in Montana
  • Made of real antler
  • The perfect MT staple! 

Here in Montana, the summers can be brutal. We have several 90° days of dry heat, and unluckily for us here in Bozeman, several homes don't even have air conditioning! Trust us when we say that baking in our homes is NOT a good time. Fortunately, we can always fall back on ice cream. This delicious frozen treat satisfies our sweet tooth while still managing to cool us down a bit. If you've been looking for the perfect Montana-inspired ice cream scoop, make sure to pick up the Antler Ice Cream Paddle by K.S. Antler. Made with 100% real antler, this high-quality paddle is exactly what you need to scoop your ice cream, and regulate the insane heat of the Montana summer!

Based in Laurel, MT, K.S. Antler is a company that is passionate about crafting products that are authentically Montanan. From ice cream paddles to pizza cutters, and even carving sets, this company has what your need to make your snacking experience legendary. This husband and wife duo roams around the Montana backcountry in search of antler sheds that they can use in their unique art. If you've always wanted your own piece of Montana wildlife, you seriously need to pick up the Antler Ice Cream Paddle by K.S. Antler!

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