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Fir Needle Body Wash by Bedrock Tree Farm


SKU: 80109

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  • 8oz bottle
  • Pump Handle
  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A
  • Made with real fir needles

Staying fresh is always the goal with a good body wash. Luckily, any body product from Bedrock Tree Farm will keep you smelling and feeling good even the day after! The Fir Needle Body Wash by Bedrock Tree Farm gives your body a refreshing and energizing feeling, letting the natural fir needle invigorate your skin! Handcrafted in the USA from a hardworking family, why wouldn't you want to support this great business? We know we love them!

Bedrock Tree Farm crafts all of their luxurious soaps, lotions and candles on location by hand. They are a small tree farm located in Wakefield, Rhode Island with a focus on organically and sustainably raising their trees. What we love most about Bedrock Tree Farm is their commitment to eco-friendly sustainability. As their company grew, so did the resources they needed to commit to the growth. From using solar panels to avoiding waste, Bedrock Tree Farm is a great company if you want to support a small business and receive products that do good for you and the planet.

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