Enamelware Mug Candle by Montana Farmhouse Candles (4 Scents)


SKU: 82374


  • 12 oz. Candles
  • Made in Montana
  • 4 Montana-Inspired Scents
  • Available in 4 colored enamelware mugs: Blue, black, green, and red. Please note which color you would prefer in the order comments. If your chosen color is out of stock, another will be chosen for you! 

Scent Options:

Montana Huckleberry - A fruity scent that will whisk you away to the mountains of Montana.

Mountain Meadow - A refreshing scent with notes of sage, citrus, sugar, strawberry, and evergreen.

Montana Sunrise - A unique blend of citrus, vanilla, pineapple, and sage. 

Porch Swing - A comforting scent with notes of birch, cedar, and pine!

Indulge in the cozy scents of Montana with our Enamelware Mug Candle by Montana Farmhouse Candles! Handcrafted in Montana, these 12 oz. candles come in 4 unique scents. Choose from a variety of vibrant enamelware mug colors to match the style of your home. Perfect as Montana gifts or for your own space! 

Montana Farmhouse Candles is dedicated to creating cozy and welcoming spaces while promoting an eco-friendly mindset. Crafted from pure soy wax and blended with natural scents, these 12 oz Montana candles add a soothing atmosphere to any room. Each one is individually handcrafted with premium wicks and upcycled traditional containers, making them a thoughtful gift for those who value sustainability and cherish special experiences!