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Antler Napkin Rings by K.S. Antler


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  • Made Laural, Montana
  • Set of 4
  • Made from real antler shed

Give your table setting some rustic touches with these Antler Napkin Rings by K.S. Antler. When you're having a dinner party and really want to impress your guests, you bring out the full spread. While the food takes center stage, having them gaze upon a perfectly set table as the enter the room is a visual delight. Or, if you're just planning a good ol' fashioned Thanksgiving dinner and want the family to have some fun antler accents to accompany a wonderful meal. A rustic, hunting motif always looks wonderful with a perfectly cooked turkey at center stage on the table! 

K.S. Antler is a small operation with a big goal and a beautiful product. This husband and wife duo are based out of Laurel, Montana. Together they travel to their secret shed spots during shed hunting season to gather up anything antler they can find. With their haul, they head into their workshop to work on crafting unique home decor out of antlers. Anything from jewelry, knives, gameboards, and other beautiful pieces. They antler from deer, elk, moose, and really whatever they can find. So, you can take pride knowing that you're supporting a hardworking Montana couple when you purchase Antler Napkin Rings by K.S. Antler.