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Jumbo Huckleberry Licorice - 16 oz by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 62717


  • Australian style licorice
  • Made in Kalispell, Montana
  • 16 oz. : share or keep it for yourself!

Licorice is the classic movie theater treat. Choosing the perfect flick with friends, buying licorice ropes, and giggling in the theater as you munch away. Well, with this Jumbo Huckleberry Licorice, you can add a Montana twist to your favorite childhood treat. This licorice is made Australian style, which allows for a softer and chewier snacking experience. Each twist is bursting with huckleberry flavor making it hard to put the bag down!

Huckleberry Haven has been crafting Montana huckleberry food for over 20 years in Montana. From their classic jams to their newest candy creations, each goodie is sure to satisfy the hungriest food explorer. This Jumbo Huckleberry licorice comes in a 16 oz. pack, perfect for sharing or giving as a Montana gift.

Take yourself back in time with the delightful flavor of Jumbo Huckleberry Licorice!

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