Lewis and Clark Expedition Illustrated Glossary by Barbara Fifer


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  • 8" inches by 9" inches
  • Soft Cover
  • 80 pages

Lewis and Clark Expedition Illustrated Glossary is a fascinating Western History book that explores the experiences of Lewis and Clark between 1803 and 1806 on their journey into the unknown west. This book provides knowledge on terms that are no longer used, along with information on the tools and clothing they used and the Natives and wildlife they encountered along the way. Additionally, it includes biographies of expedition members, significant geographical features and so much more. 

Lewis and Clark Expedition Illustrated Glossary is a comprehensive glossary, with full color photos and illustrations. This western book is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys the history of the west and the thrill of venturing out into the unknown. The author, Barbara Fifer is a creative writer who studied comparative literature and has written many historically accurate books. She is known for writing lively synopsis' of expedition stories with colorful illustration.