Naton the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale


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If you are a Christmas decorating fanatic, then you know how perfect Christmas gnomes are for any decorating scheme. Naton the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale combines the cuteness we've come to expect with these little gnomes and a little country or farmhouse style. Oak Street Wholesale is the company behind this adorable fellow and they have been providing fun and unique holiday decor all over the country for many years. Based out of Illinois, they are still family-owned and operated to this day. When you're looking to add something new and special to your holiday decor, starting with Oak Street Wholesale is the right move.

Naton the Gnome is a dapper young gent. His tall, pointy hat is made from a pretty red and white checkered pattern. The bottom is lined with white fur to keep him cozy and warm in your home. Under his long white beard, you can also see his cute mittens and stubby little feet. We can't say for sure whether or not he wears a smile because it's hidden in his beard, but when you're dressed to the nines like this guy, it would be hard not to grin! He would make a wonderful addition to your mantle or tucked into a shelf that just needs a little Christmas cheer. Bring you Naton the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale today!