Noah the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 74824


  • Measures approx. 24" tall
  • Matching shoes and hat
  • Soft, fuzzy beard

There's something just so cute about those little gnomes! And Noah the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale is no exception. Oak Street Wholesale has a focus on curated collections of seasonal decor, and the beauty of their gnome collection is that it can stay up in your home bringing coziness for months at a time. While they may often be connected to Christmas decor, nothing about Noah's dashing attire specifically says Christmas, so you might want him to be around all winter long! Heck, leave him up all year if you like him! We don't judge and that's the beauty of bringing Noah the Gnome to your home. You can do whatever you like!

This dashing gent has everything you'd need in a little gnome. With a bright red hat and matching shoes, you can imagine him scurrying through a mossy forest, the tip of his hat bouncing among the foliage and ferns. For his big adventures, he doesn't like to be cold, which is why he's got a fur-lined coat to keep him warm! And of course, no gnome is complete without a fantastic beard! This white shock of fuzz on Noah also helps him stay cozy and happy for the long winter months. When he's not adventuring through the forest, we'd love to see you take Noah the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale and give him a happy home!