Blush Jumpsuit Flower Bear Youth Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts (7 Sizes)


Brand: Lakeshirts
SKU: 82019


  • Youth Sizing
  • Sizes 2T-Large
  • Wildlife-Inspired Montana Design

Unleash your child's wild side with our Blush Jumpsuit Flower Bear Youth Montana T-Shirt by Lakeshirts! Available in 7 sizes from 2T to Large, this shirt features a wildlife-inspired design that will inspire a love for nature. Perfect for any outdoor adventure, our youth sizing ensures a comfortable fit for all ages. Get your child ready to explore with this unique and stylish Montana t-shirt. 

Experience the ultimate adventure look with Lakeshirts' playful wildlife and nature designs screen printed on their top-quality clothing and accessories. Since 1984, Lakeshirts has been dedicated to providing the perfect apparel for all your outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains. Make sure to bring along your favorite Montana hoodie or t-shirt and embrace the beauty of nature in style!