As I Remember by Gladys Mullet Kauffman (2 Volumes)


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  • Montana History Book
  • Written by Gladys Mullet Kauffman
  • Published in Montana
  • 2 Volumes

Relive the legends of Montana through "As I Remember" by Gladys Mullet Kauffman. This captivating two-volume set brings to life the stories of pioneering families on the American frontier, written by a local Montana author in celebration of the centennial. Unforgettable tales await! Don't forget, we have two volumes of this thrilling novel available, and you'll definitely want both to get the full story!

Raised on a farm near Glendive, Montana with six sisters & two brothers, Gladys Mary Mullet's grandparents settled in Bloomfield in 1903. She taught in one-room schools from 1943-51, & married Morris in '49. They got degrees from Dawson CC & moved to Bozeman, where Gladys earned a B.S. in Elementary Education & taught at Heritage Christian for nine years. Morris died of cancer in 1984, but Gladys lives on, delighted in her thirteen grandchildren, & now presents her "As I Remember" project at 84!