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Summer Snack Sticks by Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company


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  • 8 oz. 
  • Made in Montana
  • USDA Certified

What's that you hear? You heard Montana Gift Corral carries the most delicious line of snack sticks available? You'd be right! The Summer Snack Sticks by Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company are TO DIE FOR, and we guarantee that you will agree. One pack of these bad boys and you will be hooked for a lifetime. Made and process in Montana, we take pride in knowing that these delicious snacks are made with only the best ingredients, and it shows. From its flavorful taste to its delectable texture, these unique smoked summer snack sticks truly pack a punch!

Ranch House Meat & Sausage Company, a brand based in Billings, MT is proud to offer some of the best meat products in the state. This company is committed to offering top-quality, locally sourced products in combination with incredible customer services that really sets them apart from the rest. We can truthfully say that their products are incredibly delicious, and are undoubtedly some of the best meat snacks we have ever had!

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