Wildlife Square Greeting Card by Quilling Card (19 Styles)


SKU: 73278


  • Measures 6 in. x 6 in.
  • Includes light blue envelope
  • 19 Wildlife-inspired styles to choose from

Treat your wild side to a sweet sentiment with these Wildlife Square Greeting Card by Quilling Card! Featuring 21 styles from bears to bison, each 6-inch card is delicately quilled and arrives with a light blue envelope. Show your wild side some love!

Quilling Card, a company based out of Massachusetts, is well-known for its beautiful and intentional greeting card designs. Huong, the spearhead behind this wonderful company is a native of Vietnam. After years of working in marketing towards someone else’s dream, Huong decided to leave the industry and pursue her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the art of quilling. Passionate about preserving the lost art of quilling, each and every card from this unique company is meticulously handcrafted by one of the 300+ artisans local to Vietnam.