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Montana Coasters by Signs of the Mountains


SKU: 71388


  • Sets of 4
  • Aluminum 
  • Approx. 4" x 4"

Coffee rings. Coffee rings everywhere. How do you keep a guest’s cup from leaving coffee rings on your beautiful coffee table?  We have quite the solution for you! Montana Coasters by Signs of the Mountain will be sure to keep those pesky beverage circles from appearing anywhere in your home ever again. Made with high-quality aluminum, these metal coasters come in a set of 4 easy-to-wipe off coasters with cork backing to lift them off your table and avoid skid marks.  Choose between the classic “M” design from Bozeman, and the “Rooted” design for a local Montana feel.

 Signs of the Mountains was founded six years ago by the Youtube star, DIY Pete Sveen. Three and a half years after that Pete was joined by his business partner, James Gamble. Together they explore all that Montana has to offer. They both are active outdoor enthusiasts and enjoy interacting with other local skiers and hikers while they find new trail signs to replicate. All of their signs are made from high-quality aluminum with outdoor graphic vinyl. The signs are designed to not rust and can last in all weather conditions for many years. Now you can bring home your favorite place in Montana no matter where in the world you go.