Advice from Lewis and Clark Magnet by Your True Nature


SKU: 73674
  • 2.5" x 3.5"
  • Made in the USA
  • Strong, Full-Surface Magnet

Set off on a journey of discovery with the Advice from Lewis and Clark Magnet! Featuring inspiring words of wisdom and courageous motivation, this magnet will encourage you to explore the unknown, work together as a team, and go the distance. Plus, its strong, full-surface magnet will keep your photos, notes, and papers securely displayed on any file cabinet or fridge. Adventure awaits!

Based in Fort Collins, CO, Your True Nature has an inspiring selection of eco-friendly goodies for the nature-lover in all of us! Offering bookmarks, magnets, posters, wall art, and more, this company practices what they preach: carbon-positive products, only recycled materials, 10 trees planted for every 217 pounds of recycled paper used & working with local climate-sensitive companies - Your True Nature truly celebrates Mother Earth and each individual's fearless spirit.

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