Beautiful Golden Double Bell by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 82510


  • Size - 10" inches wide x 8" inches tall
  • Twine Hanger Included
  • Bells Attached to Eachother

Christmas bells are a traditional celebration of the season. Bring this tradition into your home with the Beautiful Golden Double Bell by Oak Street Wholesale. These stunning gold, Christmas bells can sit or hang and each time they move, the clang out loudly, as they are real, working bells. Pair these bells with other Christmas decor and watch your experience enhance. There is nothing quiet like gold Christmas bells to ring in the season.

Based in Peoria, IL, Oak Street Wholesale is a company that is passionate about bringing a vast selection of beautiful Christmas and seasonal decor to the market. Specialized in gnomes and lit wall art, we just know that this festive collection of holiday-inspired goodies will bring so much joy to you this winter.