Dino World Magic Grow Egg by The Hamilton Group


SKU: 57036


  • Great for kids
  • Montana Inspired

Have you ever wanted to hatch your very own dinosaur? Are you ready to take on dinosaur parenthood? With the Dino World Magic Grow Egg by The Hamilton Group, you can raise your little one to be a vicious carnivore or docile herbivore! It's your choice! Here's what you do: drop it in a glass or bowl of water and wait 3-4 days. It will start to hatch/crack like a real egg and when you see the shell cracking you can peal the shell off and reveal your dino bundle-of-joy inside!

It started long ago in the distant year of 1959, dinosaurs weren't roaming around Montana, but the Hamilton Group started up shop in Missoula where they wanted to bring you the best souvenirs before another meteor hit! Well no asteroid has come, but the Hamilton Group is still providing high quality souvenirs to stores around the Rocky Mountain region! We happen to love their Montana inspired souvenirs just as much as we love dinosaurs!

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