Ellen Stouffer Coastal Lighthouse Ornament by Inner Beauty


SKU: 74456


  • Approx. 3" in diameter
  • Made of mouth-blown glass
  • Includes suede gift box

We encourage the celebration of all regions across America, and the Ellen Stouffer Coastal Lighthouse Ornament by Inner Beauty gives you a glimpse of those unique figures that stand watch along our coastlines. Even when it's cold outside, you can delight in this scenic image including wildflowers, stoic coastal buildings, and even a sneaky lobster and snarky hidden in the photo! While this lighthouse isn't lit during the day, you can imagine that bold beam of light striking out along the rocky shoreline to warn sailors how near they are to land. While not a Christmas-y scene necessarily, it is one that invokes feelings of hope and guidance no matter what you may be facing!

Ellen Stouffer's classic education came from two fine arts degrees, but her passion was for teaching. With a unique style and a bit of vintage flair, she instructed students for 25 years to set them on the path of their own artistic journeys. She then retired to focus on her own art which consists of paintings, prints, and posters. Inner Beauty licenses her unique pieces for their ornaments and the images are created in striking detail. Starting with the smallest elements of the design, each color and line is handpainted using a special set up uniquely bent brushes that fit inside of the ornament. The Ellen Stouffer Coastal Lighthouse Ornament by Inner Beauty is a unique addition to your Christmas collection and will make a joyous addition to your tree this holiday season!