Mountain Living Oven Mitt by Kinara Fine Weavings


SKU: 71330


  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle
  • Approx 6” x 12.5"
  • 70% cotton, 30% polyester

Its always a great time to break out the Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies means kitchen time, so get yourself a great oven mitt! The Mountain Living Oven Mitt by Kinara Fine Weavings is a great addition to any kitchen! The patterns featured on this oven mitt is a great rustic touch you can add to your cabin, camper, or home! If you are looking for some matching kitchen linens, get yourself the Mountain Living Pot Holder by Kinara Fine Weavings with the same pattern! 

Kinara Fine Weaving brings you quality textile products and kitchen decor in the best Southwestern, Western, and rustic styles. They use signature patterns and color palettes that invoke a traditional feeling and resonate with a wide range of consumers. With a variety of weavings for every home, Kinara Fine Weaving is your go-to for your finest rustic textiles! 

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