Norgan the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale


SKU: 79290


  • Weighted Bottom for Easy Display
  • Sits 16" inches tall
  • Legs hang 13" inches

Gnomes are mythical creatures known to protect treasure. Norgan the Gnome is known to be one of the best treasure guards around. His favorite treasure to guard over is Halloween candy because he loves to dress in orange just for the occasion. His orange checkered pants, orange shirt, and his witchy gnome hat are all of his favorites. This gnome isn't as happy as when he is decorating a home for spooky season! So let this gnome live a little and add more decor to your life.

Oak Street Wholesale is a family-owned business that has delivered stunning gifts and products since 2007! We are more than happy to bring you gifts for any occasion or season. Whether you are looking for just a simple seasonal decoration or something to keep up all year because you love Halloween, Norgan the Gnome by Oak Street Wholesale makes the best gift for anyone!