PlushTurtle Squeaker Toy by Tall Tails


Brand: Tall Tails
SKU: 81208


  • Measures 4"
  • Reinforced Mesh Fabric
  • Extra-Protected Squeaker

Get your pup ready for playtime! Our plush Turtle Speaker Toy from Tall Tails is designed with cuddles, retrieval, and tugging in mind. It's made with sturdy materials and reinforced mesh fabric for powerful durability. Playtime is a key pillar to your pup's overall health & wellness - make sure you set aside time every day to share special moments of interactive play with your furry family member!

Tall Tails, a dog accessory brand we love here at Montana Gift Corral, has been crafting the highest quality beds, blankets and throws to keep our furry friends cozy and safe since 1933. This company's collection of expertly designed products offer timeless style, durability and easy maintenance for your pup –  without compromising on quality!

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