Sentimental Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar (3 Styles)


SKU: 79053


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  • Measures 18" long
  • Made in America
  • Cut from cedar

Express sweet sayings for your family with a Sentimental Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar. When you're thinking of trying to get a gift for someone that really means something special, one of these plaques might be just the ticket. Of course, you can tell the person how you feel, but if you give them a cedar shelf plaque they can be reminded of how you feel about them every day. It's such a wonderful way to keep the love and meaning in their mind for years to come. And, if the person you're looking to give a gift to isn't sentimental, be sure to browse our other shelf plaques that come in a range of funny and cute sayings! 

Blair Cedar is handcrafted in Missouri and comes from a long legacy of wood-crafting. It began with John Blair in 1930 who started carving chairs and tables for his family's cafe. People seemed to enjoy his work so much, he started making other things out of cedar including cute little souvenirs and salt and pepper shakers. By 1940, he invited his sons to be a part of the carving business and today the business still remains a family-owned business. Also, one of the major benefits of cedar is the wonderfully woody smell, which the people at Blair Cedar have lovingly called "cedaroma." If you add one of these shelf plaques to your home, you might just catch a whiff every now and then. Express your heart to those you love with a Sentimental Shelf Plaque by Blair Cedar.