Wall Tarp by Sugarboo and Co (7 styles)


SKU: 82743


  • 6 Styles to Choose From
  • Measures 31.5" x 40"
  • 100% Canvas Wall Tarp

Have you been on the hunt for the perfect vintage-inspired home accent? Make sure to check out our Wall Tarp by Sugarboo and Co. Available in 6 styles, these tarps are a unique and charming addition to anyone's home decor collection. Measuring 31.5" x 40", this tarp is made from 100% cotton and is pre-washed to achieve a vintage appearance, adorned with quotes that are hand-screen printed directly onto the canvas, with stitching around the edges for a rustic touch. The tarp is finished off with hand-stitched patches and frayed edges, creating a charmingly worn look that will add character to any space. Whether displayed on a wall or draped over a piece of furniture, the Wall Tarp by Sugarboo and Co. is sure to become a beloved and timeless piece in your home. 

Rebecca Puig, the artist behind Sugarboo & Co., is committed to creating products that bring joy and love into people's lives. Whether you're needing a new notebook, jewelry, or home decor, her thoughtful designs are sure to bring new light to your space. The Wall Tarps by Sugarboo and Co are truly the perfect way to express and share your beautiful thoughts with the world!

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