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Wound Up Bracelet by High Strung Studios (3 Styles, 2 Sizes)


SKU: 81758


  • Handcrafted in USA
  • Unisex Design
  • Stainless Steel Magnet Clasp
  • Available in Three Styles & Two Sizes:
    • Med: 7.25-7.75
    • Large: 7.75-8.25

Choose the Wound Up Bracelet by High Strung Studios for a gift made with love in the USA. Handcrafted with guitar string circles, it offers a unique unisex style and comes with a secure stainless steel clasp. Available in three styles and two sizes, this bracelet arrives in a hand-stamped recycled gift box. Get yours today!

Feel proud wearing your guitar string bracelet! High Strung Studios donates a portion of proceeds to Musicians on a Mission, who host events and concerts to support charities. By spreading awareness through music, they promote worthy causes and inspire people to contribute. Alloy guitar strings provide a stylish accessory that won't tarnish, but Sunshine jewelry clothes can help you shine up your bracelet!