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Montana Gifts for Dad

Dads are pretty great, aren't they? From dad jokes to dad bods, they can be real trend-setters even when they don't always mean to be. What matters most, though, is that your dad means a lot to you. He's there when you need the best life advice and when you need someone to set you straight. Because he's a one-and-only kind of guy, you want to get him something great for Father's Day! Our list showcases the best of Montana for the best dad!



Buffalo Leather Traveler's Wallet by TLS 

Buffalo Leather Traveler's Wallet by TLS on 10 gifts for Dad on Father's Day in Montana


     TLS is a Montana-based company that specialized in the best handmade buffalo leather products. Their wallets are top-notch. We constantly have customers call and rave about the quality and craftsmanship of these pieces. If your dad is tough on wallets, trust us, he needs this buffalo leather wallet in his life.

 *   *   * 

The Bloody Bozeman by Dorothy Johnson

The Bloody Bozeman Book by Dorothy Johnson


     Sometimes reading about a good Montana adventure is just as much fun as having one. If that's more dad's speed, we recommend The Bloody Bozeman by Dorothy Johnson. Striking gold. Bands of road agents. The harsh realities of the Old West. Montana author Dorothy Johnson has created a captivating tale of the Bozeman Trail first set forth by John Bozeman and details just what it was like for some of those first men who heeded the call and headed west. Dad will surely love this Montana history story of death and determination! 

*   *   *


Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals

 Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals



    Help your dad kick back and relax with the fantastic Bottle Openers by Blue Moose Metals! Nothing beats sitting on the porch, looking out at the beautiful Montana scenery with a cold one in your hand. And you can help your dad get closer to that by helping him have a handy bottle opener around! The Bottle Openers come in a variety of fun Montana-inspired shapes too, so you can find the one that’s perfect for your dad on Father’s Day!

*   *   *


 Antler Gut Hook Knives by KC Creations

Antler Gut Hook Knives by Kc Creations on 10 Montana Gifts for Dad


    Having a knife on hand is always a good idea! And the beautiful Antler Gut Hook Knives by KC Creations is a wonderfully Montana gift to give Dad this Father’s Day! The Antler Gut Hook Knives are expertly hand-crafted knives that are perfect for your dad if his favorite season is hunting season! The Antler Gut Hook Knives are made from antlers gathered around the state and are hand-crafted in Montana! Give your dad a gift he’ll cherish with the Antler Gut Hook Knives!

*   *   * 

      Happy Father's Day to all those awesome dads out there! We hope you're lucky enough to get something wonderful from Montana!


By Cassi Miller

Revised by Issa Rabideaux


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