Santa's Picks for Montana Stocking Stuffers on Christmas Morning

It's Christmas morning, and you open your eyes to a winter wonderland. The fireplace crackles with warmth, and you can't help but grin because, guess what? Santa (wink, wink) made a grand entrance the night before! It's a magical start to the day, filled with the wonder and joy that only Christmas can bring.

Now, I don't know if you've heard, but Santa Claus is a big fan of Montana Gift Corral for his MT-made and inspired stocking stuffers. From stickers to coffee, treats, and more, he knows that our products bring an extra special touch to any gifting experience. 

Here's some of the goodies that are on Santa's stocking stuffer list this year!

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Santa has a habit of adding a touch of regional charm to his timeless tradition of stuffing stockings for Christmas morning. We are proud to be one of his favorite destinations! One of his go-to gifts to bring some joy to MT locals is with our selection of Montana stickers.

We have a wide array of stickers that capture the beauty and spirit of the Big Sky State. We have wood stickers, wildlife-inspired stickers, and even sticker packs for those who like to add a little variety to their decals! As Santa carefully curates these stickers for everyone on his nice list, he envisions the joy of the faces of those lucky enough to discover them in their stocking on Christmas day. Gifting stickers from Montana Gift Corral is a small yet meaningful way for Santa to share the magic of Montana with families around the world, making the holiday season just a little more special!

Montana Stickers for Stocking Stuffers

The Perfect Pot of Coffee

Santa is the king of late nights spent crafting and searching for those one-of-a-kind gifts that will bring joy to families worldwide. With him and his hard-working elves putting in extra hours to bring magic into the holiday season, they are no stranger to the perfect pot of coffee. And guess what, Santa knows just where to find the most delicious brews... Montana Gift Corral!

For the coffee lovers on his nice list, Santa loves to pickup our single serve coffee packs from Morning Glory Coffee. These small gifts are one of his first picks, because who doesn't love to enjoy a cozy cup of coffee when opening presents on Christmas morning? Just like us, Santa loves supporting Montana's local economy. Morning Glory Coffee is an awesome local company based right in West Yellowstone, just next to Yellowstone National Park! This family-owned gem has been roasting coffee since 2005, and they're all about using coffee beans that are ethically and sustainably sourced. So, every cup of Morning Glory Coffee stuffed in your stocking from Santa not only tastes fantastic but is also a win for our planet. 

The perfect pot of montana coffee for stocking stuffers

Funny Mints from Amusemints

Christmas morning is full of festive joy, and Santa can't help but want to bring more laughs and smiles to homes on his path. One way that he ensures a giggle from kiddos and their parents is with our hilarious mint tins from Amusemints

Amusemints is known for whipping up hilarious and tasty mints right in the heart of Denver, Colorado! This crew has been at it for quite a while, adding a dash of humor to your breath-freshening game. They even have several of amusing themes and flavors to choose from! From Grumpy Cat-inspired mints to our ever-popular Animal Poop Mints, Santa has a ton of fun picking from our selection of goodies from Amusemints. And trust us, any recipient will have just as much fun when they are unveiling them from their Christmas stocking this year!

Funny Mints as Stocking Stuffers

Lazy One Cozy Socks

We aren't the only ones who love to kick their feet back and chill out on Christmas day, Santa does too! After a year full of crafting gifts and creating holiday magic, Santa likes to throw on his best loungewear, watch a Christmas movie, and look back on all of his hard work before starting on next years to-do list. One of Santa's favorite cozy brands is Lazy One, and wouldn't ya know it, we carry it here at Montana Gift Corral!

Since Santa enjoys this brand so much, he loves to stuff Montana locals' stockings with cozy socks from Lazy One! Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah, Lazy One is a company that is seriously passionate about peoples comfort. They love to choose designs that are both funny and wholesome, plus, they carry sizes for the whole family, whether Santa is choosing something for an infant, child, or adult! Our collection of socks from Lazy Ones brings so much cozy fun to Christmas morning.

Cozy socks for stocking stuffers

Montana Candy Bars

Santa is known for loving his milk and cookies, but you know what he really has a hankering for? Montana candy bars! He loves picking up unique chocolate bar flavors from Montana Gift Corral, and if he has any leftover from late-night snacking, he will even throw a few into Christmas stockings for others to enjoy! Santa is definitely on the same page as us - there's nothing better than the flavors of Montana. 

One of his favorite candy bar flavors to snack on is our Huckleberry Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar, but he will also often reach for our Bourbon Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar or our decadent Montana S'mores Bar! Santa knows that chocolate is definitely an essential on Christmas morning, and he knows exactly where to find the best of the best. Consider yourself lucky if you get a special sweet gift from Santa in your Christmas stocking this year!

Montana Candy Bars for Stocking Stuffers


Written by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

Photography by: Luke Clark, MGC Photographer

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