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Plush Socks by Lazy One (5 Styles)


Brand: Lazy One
SKU: 72743


  • Preshrunk Fabric & Sherpa Fleece Lining
  • Nonskid Rubber Sole
  • 5 Wildlife/Western-Inspired Styles

Stomp around the house in style with these comfy Plush Socks by Lazy One. Crafted with preshrunk fabric and Sherpa fleece lining, these socks will keep your feet nice 'n' toasty. Plus, the nonskid rubber sole ensures you won't slide around on slippery surfaces. Choose from 5 unique wildlife or western-inspired styles and take your lounging game to the next level!

LazyOne, tucked away in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Utah, had humble beginnings - when the Hoopes set out to give the world some innovative, **hilariously** absurd boxer shorts. 10 wildly successful years down the road, their catalogue has ballooned, covering nightwear and giftables, and making them a tried-and-true friend in the pajama biz!!