The Perfect Candle for You! - Match your Candle to your Aesthetic

You all know by now, we adore candles here at Montana Gift Corral! Choosing the perfect candle for you is deeply personal. The ideal candle should appeal to you in both sight and scent! We're on a mission to help you choose the perfect candle for you and your home, so follow along as we list off some of our favorite candles for different home aesthetics! 

Rustic and Woodsy:

Here in Montana, many homes boast a rustic and woodsy feel! Often featuring wood, repurposed antiques, brick, and warm & earthy tones, there is nothing quite as comforting as stepping into a rustic home in Montana. 

One way to make your space smell just as woodsy as it looks, is by adding in a candle from Bedrock Tree Farm! Bedrock Tree Farm, a company based in Rhode Island, primarily operates as a Christmas tree farm. This company resourcefully uses the fir needles trimmed from sheared branches to create 100% Non GMO Soy wax clean-burning candles, with the help of pure essential oils. As they put it, all you need to do to know what their beautifully scented candles smell like is "pinch the fir needles on your Christmas tree and take a big whiff."

Trust us, nothing compliments a woodsy interior like the robust scent of a candle from Bedrock Tree Farm!

Bedrock Tree Farm at Montana Gift Corral

Moody Maximalism:

For many years, minimalism has been all the rage. While many people certainly love living a minimalistic life, others prefer the art of maximalism! Common among collectors, maximalism can be described as expressing your creativity through a collection of curated home decors and accessories. As Courtney McLeod of Right Meets Left Interior Design puts it, "“Maximalists don’t care what the ‘Joneses’ will think; they design for their own joy, incorporating well-considered and bold color palettes, interesting prints, statement lighting, and curated accessories. For me, it’s not about too much stuff in a space — it’s about creating a bold and interesting mix for the eye to enjoy.” 

Sound like you? If so, we know you will love our array of artsy candles from Himalayan Trading PostHimalayan Trading Post, a company based out of Georgia, is inspired by the unexpected, the vintage, and the distressed textures of bygone times. Every candle is beautifully fragranced and is hand-poured using artisan techniques with a natural soy wax blend made in America and high-quality essential and fragrance oil compounds. All candles from Himalayan Trading Post are hand-made in small batches and are meticulously inspected to ensure the highest quality product possible.

Himalayan Candle Company at Montana Gift Corral

Farmhouse Chic:

With over 55 million acres of agricultural land in Montana, it's no wonder why farmhouse interior design is common throughout the state! Farmhouse décor is known for its practicality, simplicity, and of course, it's awesome rustic charm. Often featuring wood, iron, steel, and a neutral color palette, this home aesthetic prioritizes a "clean" look!

Made right here in Montana, our candles from Farmhouse Candle Company are just perfect for any home with a farmhouse aesthetic. Using American-grown all-natural soy wax, candles from this company are hand-poured in small batches at this company's location in Hot Springs, MT! Unlike oil-based paraffin candles, soy candles are made from a product that is renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly, carbon neutral, and best of all, supports American Farmers!

Plus, featuring elevated mason jars, these beautiful candles fit perfectly with any Farmhouse-styled home!

Farmhouse Candle Company at Montana Gift Corral

Trendy and Homey:

There is nothing quite as comforting than coming home to a warm home, lighting a candle, and just relaxing! Trends come and go, but one thing always stays the same; people want their house to feel like a home. One 2023 trend that we are loving, however, is the emphasis on incorporating sustainable home décor! Finding new ways to style and reuse glass, and limiting plastic use, is a wonderful way to elevate any space, and do your part in keeping our planet clean!

If you are passionate about limiting your impact on our environment, but also love warm and cozy spaces, we know you will love our collection of candles from Rescued WineRescued Wine candles are hand-crafted in small batches in their studio in Truckee, California. Their mission is to give back to animal rescue groups and better our environment one recycled wine bottle at a time, while donating 10% of their annual profits to animal shelters across the United States.

Rescued Wine Candles at Montana Gift Corral

Clean and Modern:

While we adore a cozy rustic home, there is something so classy about a clean and modern space. With clean lines, simple décor, neutral color palette, and an array of geometric shapes, modern décor is anything but boring!

If you are looking for a candle that will fit the clean and modern vibe of your home, check out our collection of candles from Archipelago Botanicals. Blending style and irresistible fragrance, the Jar Candles from Archipelago Botanicals are hand-poured into a beautiful decorative jars and carefully finished with finished with lead-free wicks, so you can be confident in knowing you're getting the safest, longest burn in your home! When making their scents, Archipelago uses blends of high-quality essential oils, again keeping the safety of your home in mind.

With a range of unique fragrances, we know you will find the perfect candles from Archipelago Botanicals!

Archipelago Candles at Montana Gift Corral


Written by: Alexa Jorgenson, MGC Content Creator

Photography by: Luke Clark, MGC Photographer

Blog Cover by: Averi Thompson, MGC Graphic Designer

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