Huckleberry Flapjack Mix by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 1818


  • Includes a 3 oz wild huckleberry jam
  • Made in Montana
  • Just add water! 

Start your day the huckleberry way! Huckleberry Flapjack Mix is a fabulous creation from the Huckleberry Haven company located just outside Glacier National Park. Huckleberry Haven, known for its gourmet food, jams, and candy, has harvested the mountain-grown huckleberries and blended them into this gourmet pancake mix to enhance your breakfast experience. Huckleberry Flapjack Mix comes in a 12oz. flour sack pouch that makes a fun souvenir once you've used all of your mix!

Huckleberry Haven has a history and a legacy when it comes to making huckleberry goodness from Montana. Based out of Kalispell, they have been producing some of the most delicious huckleberry foods since the 1980s. With many deals with huckleberry pickers in the area, you know you're getting the freshest, most delicious berries from the area. You see, huckleberries can't be grown commercially so they rely on savvy area experts to gather the berries from all their secret hidey-holes. But you don't have to work for your huckleberries! Just try the Huckleberry Flapjack Mix by Huckleberry Haven instead! 

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