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Huckleberry Flapjack Mix by Huckleberry Haven


SKU: 1818

Start your day the huckleberry way! Huckleberry Flapjack Mix is a fabulous creation from the Huckleberry Haven company located just outside of Glacier National Park. Huckleberry Haven, known for its gourmet food, jams and candy, has harvested the mountain grown huckleberries and blended into this gourmet pancake mix to enhance your breakfast experience. Huckleberry Flapjack Mix is delivered in a 12oz. pouch that is sure to be a treasured souvenir from the mountains of Montana or an excellent addition to a gift basket of distinctive treats. This Montana made Huckleberry Flapjack Mix is offered through our line of exclusive gourmet mixes. Treat yourself to a flavorful start to your day!