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Small Lab Puppy Plush by Nat&Jules


SKU: 66667
  • 9.5'' plush
  • 20% Polyester and 80% Acrylic
  • Distributed in America 

Labrador retrievers are regularly ranked as the most popular dog breed in the United States. Over the years they have become known as the ideal "family dog". Now you can get one of these furry friends for your kid with a soft and lovable plush, without the hassle of feeding or cleaning. If anyone in your family has allergies, fear no more! Made with extra plush and washable materials, this canine will stay clean and cuddly for your child for years to come.

Nat and Jules is a division of Demdaco that specifically deals with designing lovable and realistic stuffed animals. Their extensive inventory has every kind of animal you could ever want, from lions and tigers to domesticated cats to the Tyrannosaurs Rex! All of their products are made using only safe material for children to play with. The size of the majority of their stuffed animals also makes them optimal for bringing on a family vacation or just down the road for some grocery shopping, rest assured that your child's new favorite toy won't be a burden to transport!