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Copper Horse Ornament by Roseworks MT


SKU: 34473


  • 6" inches by 3.5" inches
  • Made in Montana
  • Handmade from Copper

The Copper Horse Ornament by Roseworks MT is uniquely crafted by hand out of Big Fork, Montana. Each piece has its own unique touch that develops through the heat-treating process. Every piece of copper is cut to its design, hammered for texture and shaping, and then heat-treated in order to create a beautiful color pattern and design. While it would look beautiful on your Christmas tree as a Montana Christmas ornament, it would also look lovely displayed in your home year-round if you just like horses. Made in Montana, there's really nothing better than a handmade horse ornament.  


Roseworks MT is owned and operated by John and Kim Rose. John Rose has worked with metal since his young adult years and has been developing his techniques ever since. The heat treatment process he uses on his copper gives the metal rainbow colors, is hard to control, and makes each piece unique and individual - no two pieces are alike. He is meticulous in his work, making sure that each ornament has a little bit of interesting detail imparted to it through his handmade processes. If you're in it for the horses or the fact that it's made in Montana, you'll love this Copper Horse Ornament by Roseworks MT.