Car Air Freshener by Enjoy It, LLC


SKU: 70551


  • Made in the USA
  • Vanilla Scent

We know that if you could, you would take your dog anywhere! Unfortunately it's no surprise that dogs come with dog smell and not even your car is safe. The Car Air Freshener by Enjoy It, LLC is great at masking that smell with vanilla! Now you get the best of both worlds, your best furry friend in the car and a sweet vanilla smell! Not to mention various dog themed designs to choose from!

We love the selection of products from Dog is Good, and we know that you will as well! Dog is Good, a company that was built to spread the love of our canine companions, is well-known for their high-quality dog goods. It is time to show off the love you have for your dog with their sentimental dog-inspired products!  

Match your air freshener with a car sticker! Take a look here!