Cuddlekins Jumbo by Wild Republic (3 Styles)


SKU: 78898


  • Measures approx 24"-30" long
  • Realistic design
  • 3 Wildlife-inspired designs

Searching for a cozy companion? Look no further than Wild Republic's Cuddlekins Jumbo - a life-sized stuffed animal ready for big hugs and even bigger fun. These 24-30" plushies feature realistic designs of 3 wildlife-inspired critters, constructed with super-soft, huggable bodies made for years of cuddle time. Get ready for lots of laughs and love with Jumbo Cuddlekins!

Wild Republic has been crafting sustainable toys and cultivating a love for nature since '79. Their goal has always been to create inspiring goods that kindle the desire to learn and wonder. With a passion for the outdoors, Wild Republic works to create toys for children, like this bison stuffed animal, that are made to honor the environment while inspiring them to learn!

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