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Dallen Lambson A Grand Entrance Inner Beauty Christmas Ornament


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  • Wildlife art from Dallen Lambson
  • Comes with gorgeous keepsake box
  • Measures 4 3/4" long

Dallen Lambson is a second-generation artist with a love for the outdoors, hunting, and fishing, Hailing from southeast Idaho, Dallon has been recognized as artist of the year by several outdoor organizations including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Working with Inner Beauty, you can bring home his inspired wildlife art with A Grand Entrance Inner Beauty Christmas Ornament. The image is painted on the inside of the glass using a special set of brushes, ensuring the beauty of this piece will last a lifetime.

There is something powerful about seeing a stunning buck emerge from the treeline. In the cool silence of the early morning, foggy breath curling above his gorgeous antlers, it's truly a sight to see. When he raises his head and surveys his surroundings, you have to wonder: will he continue on his way or will he bolt back for the trees? When it comes to wildlife ornaments, Dallen Lambson's A Grand Entrance Inner Beauty Christmas Ornament will give you that feeling each time you glance at it on your tree!