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Dean Crouser Holiday Wall Art by Demdaco (2 Styles)


Brand: Demdaco
SKU: 76415


  • Measures 8" x 6" 
  • Made of wood composite and canvas
  • Features watercolor art from Dean Crouser

If you own anything with Dean Crouser artwork on it, you know you really have something special. Now, Courser is helping us celebrate the holidays with his Dean Crouser Holiday Wall Art collection by Demdaco. Each of these pieces features that you can use to decorate your home all winter long. Each image features bright birds who know how to weather a winter storm. Combined with natural elements and happy scenes, you could easily create a stunning holiday gallery wall with all of these pieces of wall art.

Dean Courser cut his teeth in the Colombia River Gorge and the Mt. Hood area, falling deeply in love with nature and all the beauty she possesses. That love and passion for the outdoors is then translated into his works of art. Each brush stroke symbolizes the color or the sound or the feel of something natural and beautiful. So many of us see nature in that same way. Now, we can all feel connected through the works of Dean Crouser. With the Dean Crouser Holiday Wall Art selection by Demdaco, you can keep nature and color in your life during those white winter months!