Elk Glow Cutting Board by G.P. Originals


SKU: 78312


  • 11" x 8"
  • Textured Tempered Glass Cutting Board
  • Wildlife Inspired Design

Tis the season for fantastic dishware and kitchen decor! When it comes to choosing the perfect cutting boards, make sure to check out our Elk Glow Cutting Board by G.P. Originals. Featuring a beautiful elk-inspired design, this high-quality glass cutting board will surely bring a smile to your face. Crafted from textured tempered glass, this board not only looks great, but its glass construction allows for a more hygienic cutting experience and poses less risk of spreading foodborne illnesses. 

A Colorado-based business, G.P. Originals is known for its incredible array of home and kitchen decor! This company was founded on the passion of pairing beautiful art with functional goods, making them a two-for-one. Using a heat-imprinting process, G.P. Originals creates stunning glass home goods with vibrant wildlife and nature-inspired designs! So cool!

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