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Fine Bark Grotto by Earthwood


Brand: EarthWood
SKU: 58248


  • Size  Height: 4.5", Width:3"
  • Tabletop Decoration
  • Hanging Decoration

If you are a nativity collector this wood nativity set is one to add to the collection. Sourced and crafted in Bethlehem, this wooden nativity scene has a story in of itself. As your collection grows over the years, you might discover finding a place for this scene will be no sweat because you can either hang it, or place it on a table somewhere. Giving or receiving a nativity set is one of the best ways you can tell you care about someone or they care about you.

EarthWood is a company that has been providing people authentically handcrafted ornaments by a master woodcarver who lives in Bethlehem and has been carving olive wood for generations. They never cut down the trees, instead they gather the branches and let them dry for sometimes more than a year before they are crafted into a product. We love to look at the differences in each carved piece of wood and here at the Montana Gift Corral, we know you will also love the unique individuality of each ornament you buy.