Floral Glass Magnet by Sunnie Lane


SKU: 81717


  • Measures 1 1/2" by 1 1/2"
  • Made with real pressed flowers
  • Made in Utah
  • Because of the variety of colors, we cannot guarantee your color choice. Please list your top 3 colors in the order comments. Returns will not be honored based on color choice. Thank you for understanding!

Who doesn't love a kitchen that's fresh and bright? With the simple touch of a Floral Glass Magnet by Sunnie Lane, you can help elevate the look of your kitchen or workspace with a little bit of the outdoors. Each magnet contains a real flower that has been pressed and dried and then encased in a simple glass stone. All of the flowers are collected from desert areas in Arizona and the mountainous landscapes of Utah. Once that process is complete and the flower is sealed, a magnetic backing is adhered to the glass to make sure that you can stick this beautiful magnet to any metallic surface. From holding that grocery list on the fridge to displaying kids' artwork in your office, you'll find plenty of use for these flower magnets.

Sunnie Lane uses functional art to carry on the traditions of family. Sunnie was their grandmother's name and she started a pressed flower book in the 1990s. Soon, she began making bookmarks with her floral work and everyone was impressed with how big of a hit they were. From there, the family got involved and began producing other floral-themed gift items for nature lovers all over the country. We particularly love carrying these Rocky Mountain florals to represent the beautiful wildflower meadows of Montana. If you can't wander through the wilds of our state, you can at least capture a bit of that in your home with the Floral Glass Magnet by Sunnie Lane.